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Published: 06th September 2010
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Quikaid is among the most experienced Social Security Disability Insurance representatives in the United States.

Founded in 1993, Quikaid understands how to navigate the complex process of obtaining your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. We have been successful because we are the most efficient and effective way for you to obtain the benefits you deserve. Our team cares about your quality of life and we are committed to doing everything we can to make the process as easy as possible.

We are experts in preparing and communicating your case in a manner that maximizes results. We have helped thousands of clients receive in excess of $100,000,000 in awards based on their disabilities. Our state-of-the-art processes and exceptional attention to detail enable us to exceed our clients' expectations.

We have experience in every impairment as defined by the Social Security Administration, with particular expertise in immune system disorders (such as HIV/AIDS), cardiovascular disorders (such as congestive heart failure), mental health disorders (such as depression), malignant neoplasm disorders (such as cancer) and musculoskeletal disorders (such as degenerative disc disease). No matter what disability you may have, we can help.

Partnership. At Quikaid, we work in partnership with you to deliver optimal results. Our teamwork approach ensures you receive your award in a timely manner. We are your trusted partner in the entire process from initial consultation through receipt of your award - we are with you every step of the way. You don't have to worry about filling out complex forms and remembering key dates. You provide us specific information needed by the Social Security Administration to evaluate the merits of your case, then we do all of the heavy lifting. The following is a list of the information that will be needed to ensure an optimal outcome. If you need assistance obtaining this information, please contact us.

* Your Social Security statement. Social Security mails a statement to each working American every year. This statement quantifies your earnings to-date and describes the amount for which you (and your family) may be eligible. The Social Security Administration has provided a sample Social Security statement. If you would like to request a copy of your personal statement, you may do so here.
* Your employment history, including organizations for whom you have worked over the past 15 years, with corresponding dates and earnings.
* Your medical diagnosis as determined by a medical professional.
* Types of doctors you see, including specialists' names and phone numbers, with dates of your most recent visits.
* Names and contact information of hospitals or medical centers where you have received treatment.
* Information related to how long your medical condition has prevented you from working, as well as the dates of any attempts to return to work subsequent to the onset of your disability.
* A list of physical or mental limitations imposed by your medical condition, as discussed with your healthcare professional(s).
* List of prescriptions and medications, if any, that you use to treat your medical condition.
* Information related to any Workers' Compensation, state disability, Social Security retirement, unemployment benefits or long-term disability benefits you are receiving, if any.
* If you have already applied and been denied, the date and related information about your most recent denial by the Social Security Administration.
* List of any monies owed, including for example: student loans, child support, back taxes, or personal bankruptcy that has not been discharged.
* Veteran status

Why Choose Quikaid? Put simply, we are the most efficient and effective way for you to obtain the social security disability benefits you deserve. While Quikaid is not the only option available to you, we are confident Quikaid is your optimal choice. There are considerable risks and concerns associated with the following alternatives to Quikaid:

1. Go it alone. Attempting to navigate the process yourself is time-consuming, stressful and unlikely to be successful. In fact, nearly 80% of all initial applications are denied by the Social Security Administration, and oftentimes the process can take years to complete with dozens, if not hundreds, of necessary steps along the way. We have seen too many occasions when claimants are discouraged, disappointed and feel helpless due to the manner in which Social Security Administration handles their claims. Ultimately, the likelihood of obtaining the benefits you deserve is minimized if you "go it alone."

2. Hire an attorney. There are many law firms that handle SSDI cases. However, unlike Quikaid, law firms generally do not focus exclusively on SSDI cases. As such, they easily lose focus when a larger financial opportunity presents itself (such as a personal injury case). Their operations are not streamlined and optimized for handling of SSDI cases only. In addition, law firms will often require a fee or retainer to represent you, rather than work solely on contingency. At Quikaid, we focus exclusively on SSDI, never charge a retainer fee, and only earn a fee if you receive the award you deserve. Our interests are 100% aligned with your own.

3. Retain a non-attorney representative. In addition to Quikaid, there are other firms that provide SSDI representation services. Unfortunately, most of these firms resemble factories more than customer service organizations. Through the lifecycle of your case, you are likely to interact with at least a dozen different people within these factories, none of whom is likely to take the time necessary to really understand your situation. They have literally hundreds of cases assigned at any given time, and they can't possibly provide the level of service that you need and deserve. At Quikaid, we combine efficiency with a personal touch, so the process is more effective and more rewarding for our clients.

Process. The process of obtaining your Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is highly-complex and ever-changing. Furthermore, there is a substantial backlog of cases - in excess of 1,000,000 cases - pending at the Social Security Administration ("SSA"). Accordingly, skill, experience and efficiency are required in communication with SSA to ensure a timely receipt of your award. While we welcome the opportunity to review the specifics of your case, the general steps within an SSDI case are as follows:

* LEVEL ONE: Initial Application for Disability Benefits. Quikaid will complete all forms necessary to formally apply for disability benefits. These forms include the SSDI application itself, the Activities of Daily Living questionnaire, relevant vocational and medical documentation, and general development of the case fact pattern. At Quikaid, we have extensive experience with all disability forms and know the "tricks of the trade" that often make the difference between award and denial. The Social Security Administration routinely denies initial applications (only 33% of claimants are successful at this stage); however, claimants represented by Quikaid have a substantially improved probability of success at the initial application stage, which represents the optimal outcome for you.
* LEVEL TWO: Reconsideration. If the initial application is unfavorable, Quikaid immediately will file an appeal on your behalf. Quikaid quickly reviews and updates medical and vocational information and prepares for the next phase of the process. There are stringent time limits with respect to filing for reconsideration, and failure to adhere to these timelines will result in substantial delays (or complete rejection) of your application. At Quikaid, we are experts at managing your timeline and adhering to critical deadlines imposed by the SSA. At the Reconsideration level, Quikaid clients also maintain a significantly improved award rate vs. SSA system-wide averages.
* LEVEL THREE: Hearing. If the reconsideration is denied, a Quikaid Representative will interview the applicant and file for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Depending on the strength of the case, the Quikaid Representative may elect to use an "on-the-record" decision by which the judge may approve the award without an in-person hearing. If a judge requires a hearing, the Quikaid Representative will brief you on the hearing procedures and will appear with you before the judge. Quikaid secures an award for 90 percent of our clients who proceed to the hearing level, a significant increase over the system-wide success rate of only 63 percent.
* LEVEL FOUR: Appeals Council. If the unlikely event that your hearing ends in a denial, Quikaid will review your case again in its entirety and may submit an appeal (along with any additional medical information and a written brief) to the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council reviews the hearing decision to determine if it was rendered in accordance with the law. About 6 percent of third appeals result in a favorable overturn decision for Quikaid clients vs. the SSA system-wide average of 3 percent.
* LEVEL FIVE: Federal District Court. It is highly unlikely than your case will reach the federal court system. In fact, fewer than one percent of all claims ever reach this level. Typically, when they do, they are remanded back to the Appeals Council decision, so very rarely is a case decided at the Federal District Court level.

When you are adjudicated favorably (that is, you win) at Level One or Level Two, it generally takes two to four weeks before you receive your initial monthly payment (and retroactive payment, if any). If your case is adjudicated favorably at other levels, initial and retroactive payments are generally received within one to three months. Immediately upon a favorable decision, we work hard and follow-up aggressively with Social Security Administration to ensure timely receipt of your benefits.

Fees. Unlike the SSDI system itself, our fees are straightforward. First and foremost, if you do not receive a Social Security Disability Insurance award, our fee reflects that unlikely but disappointing outcome - and we do not get paid. Our interests are entirely aligned with yours to ensure your award is received in a timely manner. If we are successful in obtaining your award, our fee is 25.0% of all retroactive monies awarded to you by the Social Security Administration, up to a maximum of $6,000. For example, if your retroactive award is $50,000, Quikaid's fee would be capped at $6,000. If your retroactive award is $10,000, our fee would be $2,500 (25.0% of $10,000). We do not charge a fee on any future monies payable by SSA to you, only retroactive monies.

The retroactive period is defined as the date of entitlement (generally 5 months after the date of the onset of your disability) through the award date. For example, if the onset date of your disability was January 1, 2005, and your award date was January 1, 2009, you would receive a lump sum payment for benefits during the entirety of the period June 1, 2005 (the entitlement date, which is 5 months after the onset date) through January 1, 2009 (the award date). In this example, the retroactive lump sum award benefit would be for 43 months' worth of benefits. It is from this lump sum payment that we receive our professional service fees, at the same time you receive your retroactive award. In addition to our fees, we may also incur modest incidental costs associated with your case, such as obtaining medical records, postage, copying, etc. These expenses, if any, are paid by our clients and are generally minimal.

We invite you to learn more about Quikaid, and we welcome the opportunity to put our experience to work for you. Please contact us directly, night or day. We look forward to representing you and delivering the results you deserve. QuikAid Social Security Disability Insurance representatives

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